How To Give Your Teens A Great Education To Prepare Them For College

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Whether your children decide later on that they may not even want to go to college, it's probably your hope that they will be college bound. That's a really good goal for you to set for them. It's probably no surprise that a person who has a college education does better economically than individuals who don't attend a college or university. And, on a more personal level, your college educated children will probably not be returning home to depend on you for housing. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you prepare your teens for entrance to college.

Public School - You probably know hundreds of people who graduated from a public high school and who are very successful in life today. However, there is also the fact that today's high schools are very crowded and your children may not be able to have the one-on-one attention they need from their teachers. It's a really smart thing for you and your teens to have a meeting with the school counselor at the very beginning of the freshman year so that the counselor will know your children by name and will know that you are invested in their future. 

Home School - The home schooling movement is not new at all, and it is growing in popularity. The great thing about home schooling your teens is that you can customize their curriculum and you can monitor their learning environment better than if they are in school. Kids who home school accomplish more academically than those in a traditional school setting. Perhaps the best thing about home schooling is that family relationships are enhanced and your values and beliefs can be emphasized. Besides, which teachers will love your kids more than you do.

Private School - You may like the idea of home schooling your children, but you might not have that option. You may work outside the home or you might just feel that you are not qualified to teach your children. A good option for you to go with is private school. In private school you will find smaller classes which means that your children will get greater personal attention than they would in public school. If you want a Christian environment, consider selecting a Christ-based school where the values you stress at home will be supported at school. For example, Christian schools have an honor code and don't permit obscene language. While it's true that you have to pay for private schools, the return on your investment will be worth every penny.

It's a good idea to sit down with your teenagers and ask them to actually write down what their goals for the future are.