How To Help Your Baby With The Early Vowel Sounds At Home

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The first sound that most babies make are the vowel sounds. When you hear a little baby make the "ah" sound or the "oh" sound, they are on their way to learning how to talk, even though all they are making is a very simple sound. Your babies babbling is the beginning of their speech journey.

The Early Vowel Sounds

In order to help your child, you first need to know the early vowel sound that your child should be making. The first five vowel sounds that your baby should be making are:

Modeling The Early Vowel Sounds For Your Child

In order to help your child learn these sounds, you need to model these sounds for your child. You can model these sounds by specifically focusing on making these sounds in front of your child. To further help your baby grasp these sounds, you can pair them with hand motions that emphasize the sounds and the shape one's mouth should make. Here are the hand motions you can pair with each sound:

• Uh Sound: As you make the /uh/ sound, make a closed fist with only your index finger pointing outward. As you make the sound, bring both hands up to your face, with only the index finger extended.

• Aw Sound: As you transition to the /aw/ sound, open your hands up so that all your fingers are extended and pull your fingers away from your mouth a little bit to emphasize the shape of your mouth and the size of your mouth.

• Ee Sound: As you make the /e/ sound, close your hands and point with your index fingers on both hands at the corners of your mouth. This will emphasize how your lips are spread out for the /e/ sound.

• Oh Sound: Finally, you'll finish with the oh sound. For this sound, you'll open your hands up and make a big o shape with your hands. Your thumbs should connect on the bottom, and the rest of your fingers on the top to make these sounds.

You'll want to continually model these sounds for your baby. By pairing these sounds with the hand motions listed above, you'll provide your baby with both visual and audio clues that will help them learn how to make the first building blocks of speech.

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