8 Important Ways Preschool Helps Parents, Too

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While the primary beneficiary of preschool is likely to be your child, there are many ways in which this wondrous time improves your life as well. Beyond the ABCs and 123s, walking through the doors of that preschool with your child is going to open up many other doors to a promising future. Here are a few ways you will benefit from sending your child to preschool and some good reasons to look forward to this important milestone for the entire family:

1. You Learn More About Your Child's Personality

You've watched your child develop from birth, but seeing them interacting with a group of other little people may offer some very surprising results. However your child responds to you and family members, they may be the complete opposite in a school setting. A calm and seemingly easy to please toddler could turn into a demanding and difficult person when amongst peers, but that provides you with valuable insight into what may need to be accomplished in order for your child to learn the positive aspects of group encounters.

Preschool puts the spotlight on aspects of your child's personality you might not otherwise see, but that need to be nurtured and developed now. Whatever your child's response to the new stimuli, the team effort involved in helping them to adapt and excel in the environment is going to help throughout the rest of their lives, especially where relationships are concerned.

2. You Discover Strengths & Weaknesses

You'll have the opportunity to learn more about your child's abilities when they're in preschool, from a knack with numbers to a gift with art. Although you've likely seen some of these talents and preferences emerging already, once you're child is fully emerged in the new educational environment, things are going to get more exciting. This early schooling can help you formulate long-term strategies to develop your child's complete educational foundations, offering extra encouragement in weaker areas and emphasizing the strength and super-stardom in subjects your child exceeds all expectations in.

3. You See Your Child Grow, Learn & Open Up to the World

Preschool will see your little one learning new things, making new friends and facing challenges and obstacles along the way. Watching all of this is going to take your breath away, making you proud of the progress and more aware of every detail of your child than ever before. Take plenty of pictures and keep a journal or scrapbook of this precious time; it's going to go by lightning-fast and these milestones are once-in-a-lifetime occurrences.

4. You Earn an Interactive Support Network For You

Between the teachers, aides and other parents you should be meeting, you'll discover a host of opportunities to network as a proud parent, whether it's to partake of additional activities emerging from the preschool environment, such as play dates, or to pick the experienced brains of the people who have first-hand experience with issues you and your child might face in the new environment. Hob-nob and get to know people, especially the parents of other children your little one takes to and teachers who become favorites.

5. Being Apart Strengthens Your Bond

If you're apprehensive about being apart from your child for the first time in their lives, take comfort in the fact that being apart actually brings you closer together. While it may be hard to say goodbye for the few hours preschool will take, each of you will grow in little and big ways, making the reunion later on every day a most amazing event.

6. Preschool May Open Doors for You Professionally

Whether you've put your career on hold to have your child or not, a few extra hours in the week may mean reintroducing yourself to the professional world, either for a part-time opportunity or to simply explore the possibilities out there now that your child is getting a little older and more independent. Especially if you're living on a budget, any extra income could benefit your household greatly and you'll also have the chance to meet new people and talk with other grown-ups; something that you may not have going on a lot in your life right now, but that can be very important. While your relationship with your child is number one, being sociable is healthy and nurturing for moms and dads, too.

7. The Statistics for Success After Preschool Will Reassure You

In various studies, kids who attend preschool demonstrate more successful characteristics later on in life, such as remaining in school until graduation, making more money and leading more productive lives. Although preschool is, by itself, no guarantee of how the future will turn out, it's good to know that for most of the kids participating, the future looks brighter.

8. You Gain a Little "Me" Time

Even if you don't need to get back to work right away after your child starts preschool, having a little extra time for yourself is going to be a boost for you in more ways than one. You might consider taking a healthy yoga class or studying part-time at a local or online college. You'll certainly have extra time for things like the endless loads of laundry you probably face and picking up around the house. However you choose to spend your time, having it will be a breath of fresh air.

Preschool is centered around the little people in attendance, but there is so much more to this experience than them. It marks the beginning of a whole new chapter in life for your family, hopefully opening many exciting and rewarding doors for everyone, including you.